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Rhare the 18 year old hit maker, sound designer and audio engineer was Born in Mississauga, Canada.  He started producing at the age of 12. Rhare has always had a passion for music, and it was his determination and willingness to learn that drove him to creating his own sound. The young producer is constantly pushing to better himself and to strive for more; creating a young perfectionist.

Rhare has evolved a unique sound that is dark, organic and very powerful, one that the music world will embrace and adapt to one way or the other.  Recently joining “Success Over Stress Music Group”, which has Don Meeno on their roster as well.  An artist he has been working with, along with his team, over the past few months.  He also was a huge contributor to Don Meeno’s latest release “Giinchy5x”. Which features his production on; Homage, No Doubt, Cazals and Days End. The future looks very bright for this talented young producer who continues to strive for greatness in every aspect of his work.

Zeko x Don Meeno – Bankroll Whoadie // PLAYER
  1. Zeko x Don Meeno – Bankroll Whoadie // PLAYER
  2. Front Runners // Don Meeno x Jimmy Johnson - PLAYER
  3. WYTS // Don Meeno x W5vy Davis - PLAYER
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo // Tizzy Wayans x Don Meeno - PLAYER
  5. No Games // Tizzy Wayans x Don Meeno - PLAYER