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The hook master known as “W5vy Davis” was born in Lagos, Nigeria before moving and growing up in the west end of Toronto called Jane and Finch. He met current label member Don Meeno, who he started a group with along with one of his closest friends Zeko. Zeko, who was one of the first artists with SOSMG, was the one who introduced him to the individuals who were managing and running the independent label.

W5vy and the label worked on fine tuning his sounds for a couple years, then launched his vision as soon as he felt he was comfortable and ready. Growing from a quiet but dark background, music was his get away. A way for him to express his feelings and thoughts that raced through his mind, all while growing up losing family to situations not in his control.

This one in a million sound he has developed over the years, has been apart of some major records that has got not only the city, but the continent of North America to gravitate towards him. A lot of greatness will come from this creative artist along with his “Giinchy 5x” team. Be prepared for the aroma that will help him take over many aspects of the Hip-Hop industry.

Zeko x Don Meeno – Bankroll Whoadie // PLAYER
  1. Zeko x Don Meeno – Bankroll Whoadie // PLAYER
  2. Front Runners // Don Meeno x Jimmy Johnson - PLAYER
  3. WYTS // Don Meeno x W5vy Davis - PLAYER
  4. Salvatore Ferragamo // Tizzy Wayans x Don Meeno - PLAYER
  5. No Games // Tizzy Wayans x Don Meeno - PLAYER